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We all know that we should be exercising regularly for the sake of our physical and mental well-being.  What motivates people to get started and, importantly, to keep going, is very interesting.

We conducted a quick poll of 30 of our members over a two day period period this week to find out what motivates them to get down to the gym and work as hard as they do when they’re here.  We were surprised at the diversity of answers. Interestingly, weight-loss (the main reason people join a gym) is barely mentioned!  It just shows the wide range of health benefits of regular exercise. People may join a gym to lose weight, then, very quickly, they start to appreciate and enjoy other improvements in stamina, strength, flexibility, mood, bone density, blood pressure etc etc.  Feeling better is the best possible motivator along with i)  booking in for the next session before you leave ii) always having your kit ready (at work or at home) iii) making it a non-negotiable part of your day/week iv) using a personal trainer: ensuring effective, challenging work-outs every time as well as providing accountability.

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Which of our members’ motivations do you relate to?

Those endorphins!

•Feel great and set for the day

•The 6h00 alarm is tough but the morning workout boosts my mood. I suffer from depression and the gym keeps it at bay.

•I think all day at work. I come here, don’t have to think and work off all my work worries

•It doesn’t matter what kind of day I’ve had. Even if I’m tired, I come here because, without fail, I feel better. Exercising in this positive place is good for me mentally

•I need that buzz, those endorphins you get from exercise

Commitment to my health

•People forget it’s not all about weight-loss. We need to think about bone-density and building a level of fitness for our future years

•I delayed major surgery by three years by working out regularly at Bee-Fit – serious motivation! Now I’ve had the surgery, the motivation is to get back to full fitness with the help of trainers I trust

•I have suffered with back problems but this place makes me feel better


•Each workout at Bee-Fit is different – never gets boring


•I can see an improvement – even if no-one else can!

•I’m ultimately committed to seeing results. I take my gym kit to work so I have no excuse not to go as soon as I finish

•My motivation is improvements to body composition, increased muscle mass. I can fit the gym in after work but I have a night out with the guys tomorrow so I’ve booked in for an early training session before work. It would be easy to miss a day but I’m committed to getting results, so early start it is!

Prep of a sporting event or holiday

•I want to get slope-ready in time for a ski holiday

Personal training

•The trainers really motivate me and make me look forward to my next session

•Just coming here motivates me to come back. Making sure I’ve booked in for my next session before I leave ensures I don’t miss a work out. I’d hate to let the trainer down by not showing up

•The guys help with my strength and to cope with an old back injury


•Bee-Fit is so friendly

•I’ve got gym friends!


•Something just clicked and I had a desire to change. It’s become routine and getting results is all the motivation I need

•Convenience and habit

•I pack my kit the night before and take it to work with me. I go on the way home from work every day – part of my routine

Me time 

•It took me a while to realise it’s not selfish to make time for myself. Knowing this is for me is my motivation

•As a busy working mum, this is my time

Whatever motivates you to join a gym it’s what happens once you’re there that will make the difference between sticking or quitting. Working with inspiring, supportive trainers will guarantee faster results.  A personal trainer will keep you on track and is key to a long-term fitness bug. Make sure you catch yours in 2018!