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Amazing Grace

Bee-Fit interviews Grace, a dedicated member who talks us through her ups, her downs, her goals and motivations.

Bee-Fit: How long have you been training at Bee-Fit

Grace:   Four years

Bee-Fit: What made you choose Bee-Fit?

Grace: Tazz was recommended through a friend back when the club was Elms and I’ve stayed ever since.

Bee-Fit: What were your goals when you joined and have you reached them? Have they changed over time? How do you stay on track and motivated?

Grace: When I joined the club, I was at my smallest and my goal was to gain muscle and improve my overall fitness levels. Although I have been with the club for four years I would say in the past year I’m finally taking it seriously. I’ve gained and lost weight over time like we all do, but now I’m focusing on staying consistent. I don’t really say I want to lose weight anymore its more along the lines of:

I want to cut my body fat down

I want to see more definition in my legs

I want a new PB on bent over row

I want a new PB on my sprint speed and time

I feel like short term goals work better for me, but in saying that I’m still learning!

Bee-Fit: How often do you train?

Grace: 5 times a week minimum

Bee-Fit: What is about Bee-Fit training that suits you/you like?

Grace: Having my session put together for me so I don’t have to think about it, but also having some options.

Bee-Fit: Have you trained at other gyms? If so, what makes Bee-Fit different?

Grace: Yes, I’ve trained in nearly every gym in Chelmsford but Bee-fit will always be the gym for me, simply because of the staff, other members and the concept.

Bee-Fit: What are your top tips for getting the gym habit?

Grace: I struggle to start my day without it; as soon as my alarm goes off the first thing I do is get to the gym, no matter what time of the morning. So a lot of self-discipline, routine and you have to want it.

Bee-Fit: What benefits have you had from training at Bee-Fit?

Grace: I’ve become stronger, faster, fitter and more confident.

Bee-Fit: Do you watch what you eat?

Grace: Absolutely! I’m still trying to work on a healthy relationship with food; once I’ve grasped that, I feel like I’ll be onto a good thing!

Bee-Fit: Top tips for the diet that works for you?

  • Listen to your body
  • Don’t restrict yourself, if you want the chocolate have the chocolate. It’s all about balance!!! You will only end up binging and going backwards if your restrictions are unrealistic!
  • Portion control
  • I track my calories, fat, carbs and sugar in-take but as I guide I don’t live by it!
  • Research!!!!!! The game changers documentary on Netflix is a must see regarding diet. It’s not designed to put you off any form of food like other documentaries; it’s designed to educate and that’s what it does, highly recommend it!!!!