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Bee-Fit is a friendly, supportive, effective gym that trains people of all shapes, sizes, goals, abilities and ages (from 15 – and our oldest member is currently 86).  Our affordable personal training concept means that every time a member comes through the door, their session is directed by a qualified trainer who knows how to challenge them personally and how to work around any injuries or health issues.  In this interview, we ask our gym member, Dawn, about her first year with Bee-Fit. Dawn is an awesome member of Bee-Fit – not just because we are proud of her fitness achievements and health improvements since joining us – but she always comes to the gym brimming with enthusiasm and ready to push herself. Here’s her story:

Bee-Fit:Why did you join Bee-Fit?

Dawn: I heard about the gym and wanted to try this different way of training

Bee-Fit:Did you have an exercise regime before joining Bee-Fit?

Dawn: I had been doing martial arts and had been a runner in the past

Bee-Fit: What were your goals on joining?

Dawn:  I have an underactive thyroid so struggled with my weight and wanted to improve my fitness

Bee-Fit: What goals have you achieved since joining?

Dawn: I always wanted to be able to do pull-ups, and, having trained at Bee-Fit, I can now do them. I never liked weights before but I love weight-training now. I struggled with 10kg weights when I started and I can now  chest press 18kg. I have lost 24lb and 5 inches from my waist.

Bee-Fit: What are your current goals?

Dawn: Improve my strength and stay healthy

Bee-Fit: What makes this a gym that works for you?

Dawn: When you train, you are trained for you and adapted for health and injury issues. No training day is ever the same. The trainers know how to get the best from you and help you progress.

Bee-Fit: What three words would you use to describe Bee-Fit?

Dawn: Intuitive, welcoming, supportive

Bee-Fit: What is your greatest achievement

Dawn: First pull-up at the age of 47

Bee-Fit: Have your eating habits changed since joining Bee-Fit? If so, how?

Dawn: I have been watching my calories since I joined and my habits are healthier. I give myself a day a week to do what I like

Bee-Fit: What benefits have you enjoyed since joining Bee-Fit

Dawn: When I started I used my asthma inhaler every session. After 6 weeks it stayed in my bag for just in case. My breathing has definitely improved

Bee-Fit: What would you say to anyone considering joining a gym or embarking on a fitness regime?

Dawn: Well worth doing. We are a nation of laziness and weight- training especially will keep us stronger and healthier into older age

Bee-Fit: Do you have any other comments?

Dawn: Thank you Bee-fit. I am more confident, healthier and happier.