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The benefits of regular sports massage

Bee-Fit deals

Special members’ rates for sports massage 

6-week fitness kickstart package including:

•6 weeks’ unlimited personal training

•6-week diet plan

•One-to-one fitness consultation and use of medical device-standard body composition machine

•3 x designated boxercise classes

all for just £99.95

So why should you spend your hard-earned cash on regular sports massage?

Sarah Alty, a qualified Sports Massage Therapist working out of Bee-Fit Club gym in Chelmsford, explains the benefits.

So, what can a regular sports massage do for you?

  1. You know those aches and pains that you get after a hard work out (in the business they’re called Delayed Onset Muscle Soreness or DOM’s)? Well a massage post-workout can prevent or reduce them.
  1. It can help prevent injury. You know those tight spots we all have (anyone who’s had a treatment with me – those spots I dig my elbow into); left untreated, this dysfunctional tissue is in danger of being injured, putting you off track from your exercise program for weeks if not months.
  1. Working towards a physical challenge? Maybe a 5km run, triathlon, marathon… the increased training required for this can put a huge strain on your body. Regular sports massage has been shown to help your body cope with the increased training meaning you are less likely to give up and allowing you to reach your goal (pat on the back for you and me).
  1. Get lots of tension headaches? Quite often these are caused by tight neck and shoulder muscles; loosen those and the headache can disappear or at least reduce. Sorted.
  1. All the benefits that a normal massage/complementary therapy brings; relaxation, feeling happier/calmer, sleeping better etc.

Why not come and see me and give it a go? If you book before 11th June it will only cost you £15 for a 1 hour treatment. You are unlikely to ever get a deal like that again!

From 11th June onwards,  Bee-Fit members and their immediate family can  benefit from a reduced rate of £20 for a 1 hour treatment. Short of time? Have an express half an hour appointment for £12.50 (initial appointment must be 1 hour). Rate for non-members: £30/hour.

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