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Barry Watkins

In an ideal world, we’re all aware that it’s a good idea to have regular medical checks for blood pressure, cholesterol, weight etc – and, at a certain age, the NHS certainly encourages us to have these. What we should also have, especially if we’re physically active, and particularly if we’re working our body as hard as we do at a club like Bee-Fit, is a regular muscular skeletal MOT.

Barry Watkins, who has Masters degree in sports rehab and a BSc degree in Sports and Exercise Science is now treating from Bee-Fit Club and is looking forward to helping members and non-members alike.

Barry says: “Watkins Sports Recovery can treat and prevent muscular skeletal injuries.  It’s not just for the sports person; anyone can benefit from our services and expertise. From a small niggle or poor movement pattern, to poor posture or pulled muscles, sports rehabilitation can help fix your body and get you back to your everyday life and/or sport.”

Not only can Barry work on existing injuries or muscular and skeletal issues, but by working with you to see how you move your body: how you squat and lunge, for example, he can diagnose and address issues such as muscle tightness/engagement and posture to avoid the discomfort, pain and possible injury that you’re storing up for yourself.  And, of course, he can help with recovery from the workouts you might be having in the gym, however brutal!!!!

Watkins sports recovery

Barry says: “When you have an ache or pain, the cause isn’t always obvious. You might think you’re suffering from tennis elbow, as was the case in a recent client I saw, for example, but it was in fact referred pain from a trapped nerve in her neck.  Once you know the cause, it can be treated and you can get back to action in and out of the gym – in this case – very quickly indeed.”

body MOT

Barry also helps clients with post-operative re-hab, treatments appropriate for pregnancy and post-natal, sports massage and the application of kinesiology tape.

So, if you have a twinge in your knees, back, shoulder, neck – you get the picture – or you want a physical assessment in order to optimise your training, performance and post-workout recovery from a highly qualified and experienced practitioner, then book in with Barry at your earliest convenience by emailing

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