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Vicky Ford, MP, visited Bee-Fit Club, Chelmsford’s independent, affordable personal training gym on Friday, 18 May to meet a local business and to discuss the negative impact of the proposed Baddow bus gate on Bee-Fit’s members.

As with most gyms, Bee-Fit has a spike in attendance from 6.30-10.30 in the mornings and then again from 5pm in the evenings, with members needing to get quickly into Chelmsford to work or the station after their morning workouts, and home after a workout in the evening.  112 members have signed a petition drawn up by the gym to indicate the level of the problem, should the planned bus gate go-ahead.

Vicky Ford, MP, said: “I was extremely impressed by the Bee-Fit gym. It was very good to speak to many of the gym users and to hear what a positive impact it has on peoples’ stories. It is very clear that the proposal for the trial bus gate at the end the Baddow Road would have significant negative impact on many local businesses. I am therefore very glad that the City Council and the County Council have agreed to work together and to assess alternative options.”

Gym Managing Director Matthew King said: “The majority of Chelmsford’s gym-going population is of working age and most of our members would be affected by the Baddow bus gate. A long detour and increased congestion on the remaining routes into Chelmsford could deter existing and potential new members from using our gym.   Since residents are opposed to the plan and local businesses would suffer, we are pleased to hear from Vicky that she is opposed to the bus gate proposal in its current form and that she has persuaded the County Council to have a rethink.  It is essential that the County Council fully understands the extent of the damage the proposal would have on local businesses and comes up with alternative, workable solutions.”

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Note to editors:

Bee-Fit is an affordable, friendly personal training gym. It is an independent business that employs three full-time trainers and currently has 255 members. We train members from 15 years old. Our oldest member is currently 84 but we have no upper limit. Because each session is directed by a personal trainer, we can work with any ability, around most injuries and health conditions and towards any goal.