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Too embarrassed or self-conscious to join a gym? Why you’ll love Bee-Fit – and how we’ll help you with our 6-week kickstart package offer

It takes courage to take the first step into a gym if you’re unhappy or self-conscious about your body. If we could, we’d give out “Bee-Fit courage tokens” to help the people who need us most come through our door – because the very people who need us most are the ones who find it hardest to join but who are the most rewarding to work with.

As Barbara Markway writes in, common fears are:

  • I don’t know what kind of clothes to wear. 

Bee-Fit says: wear comfortable training clothes. Our members aren’t posers – it’s not that kind of gym. Don’t spend too much money – if you’re here to lose weight, you’ll be needing a new outfit before too long.

  • I don’t like the way I look. I’m too fat/skinny/old/lanky/weak to exercise in public. 

Bee-Fit says: No-one will judge you here. There are no mirrors. We love starting out on someone’s fitness journey with them – it’s rewarding for us as well as for you. Many of our members will have been in exactly the same situation as you when they joined. There’s a great solidarity at our club for everyone to succeed.

  • I’m so awkward. I’m afraid I’ll trip, or not know how to use a machine.

Bee-Fit says:Every session is directed by one of our trainers so you’ll always be supported. It’s our job to make sure you know what you’re doing and you do it right.

  • What if it’s crowded and I have to stand around waiting to use the equipment? I’ll feel so uncomfortable.

Bee-Fit says:There’s no standing around at Bee-Fit: it’s an hour of tailored, directed, appropriate exercise.

  • I don’t want to have to talk to anybody.

Bee-Fit says:You don’t have to talk to anyone but our members are a friendly bunch and the banter is great between the members, and the members and trainers – it all makes for an enjoyable way to spend an hour – and you don’t even realise how hard you’re working!

We pride ourselves on making everyone feel at ease the minute they come through our door.  In this gym, you will find all shapes, sizes, ages, and abilities. Every single member is working towards their own individual goal, whether that be weight-loss, heart health, strength, stamina, toning, bone density, diabetes control, training for an event…you name a goal, we’ll have a member working towards it.

People who feel awkward about joining a gym need to focus on how good they’ll feel once they’ve made the commitment. The minute you walk through our door, you’ve started your journey to becoming fitter, healthier, slimmer (if your aim is to lose weight), stronger and happier.

If right now you’re feeling too embarrassed to workout, take a deep breath and give Bee-Fit a call.  If you have a friend or family member who’s too embarrassed to workout, do them an incredible favour and direct them to us.  Helping people achieve their fitness challenges is our job and our privilege.

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