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I’ve just been reading about fitness fads to look out for in 2018. You’ve probably heard of HIIT and functional training. Bet you haven’t heard of yoga with goats and “mermaiding” (working out under water in a mermaid’s tail) though!

Good luck with either of those, if that’s your bag but, actually, effective, safe, enjoyable exercise does not have to involve reinventing the wheel.

The key objectives of any exercise programme should include:

weight loss or weight control

boosting your mood and managing stress

achieving and maintaining healthy blood pressure

achieving and maintaining healthy blood sugar levels

boosting your metabolism

building lean muscle


increasing your bone density

improving flexibility

increasing stamina and cardio vascular health

The best way to ensure you are working all the muscle groups and working towards all of the fitness goals above is to work with a qualified personal trainer. An experienced and well-qualified personal trainer will be able to support you to achieve your goals whilst making sure you don’t neglect any muscle groups and make sure you do a healthy combination of cardio and weight training: it’s very tempting, if you’ve got great stamina, to spend all your time on the treadmill and avoid the weights and, if you’ve already got great guns, to avoid the cardio work.  A good balance of cardio and strength training is crucial: cardio for stamina and heart and respiratory health and weight training for building muscle mass, increasing bone density, burning fat, boosting the metabolism and protecting against diabetes and back pain, for example.

gym Chelmsford

gym Chelmsford

A personal trainer will also be able to work around any injuries or health issues – so those sore knees or sore lower back should be no excuse to avoid the gym if you have professional support. In fact, exercise will generally speed up injury recovery and rehabilitation.

At Bee-Fit Club, every personal training workout is based on HITinterval and functional training. The exercises will always vary but each workout targets a different muscle group and is designed to keep your heart rate raised for 20 minutes of each 60-minute session to get you in the fat burn zone and affect a 36-hour calorie after-burn (according to your individual fitness level and ability). Whether you are training for weight-loss, strength, to lose inches, to gain muscle or just for your general well-being, Bee-Fit’s personal training model is tried and tested and results in all-round fitness and well-being: all-round fitness and wellbeing – however you achieve it – that should surely be the fitness trend for 2018.

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