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What are your fitness goals? Bee-Fit Open Week this week: 1,3,5 October. Come and enjoy some freebies: personal training, a fitness consultation with body composition analysis, boxercise and a sports massage. Book on Tel: 01245 690646

If you don’t set a fitness goal, how will you know when you’ve

achieved it?

Starting a gym membership without fitness goals in mind is like going to a travel agent and saying you want to go on holiday, without stating the destination……it’s going to be extremely hard to achieve what you want if you don’t know what it is in the first place. What’s more, if you don’t know what you’re looking for, you won’t know when you get it and you’re likely to lose motivation and leave said gym.

At Bee-Fit we start every new membership with a fitness consultation to discuss fitness goals and to set the benchmark against which success can be measured. We have an invaluable tool to help us – a Tanita body composition analysis machine that tells the individual:


-body fat mass and %

-muscle mass and %

-hydration levels

-bone mineral mass

-metabolic age

-metabolic rate

We also find out about individual fitness goals-  usually a combination of weight-loss, toning, stamina, flexibility, energy, and general well-being.

We also find out about any injuries or health issues that may impact on our style of training.

Once we have all that information, we can do our job. But, without personal goal setting, an individual is likely to lose interest at some point.

Top tips to keep focus:

  1. Set a realistic, achievable fitness goal
  2. Set a realistic, achievable deadline
  3. Put a photo of what you don’t want to look like or what you do want to look like on the fridge – some people are motivated negatively, and some positively
  4. Get your body composition analysis so you know what your baseline is
  5. Do monthly reviews and re-tests with the body composition machine
  6. Get someone else to put you on the machine and review with you (improves accountability)
  7. Reward yourself for step by step achievements (not bad food!)
  8. Keep a food diary and show it to someone else weekly
  9. Get your family and friends on board and avoid people who try and sabotage your efforts
  10. Get to the gym at least three times per week – preferably with a trainer who takes a professional interest in your fitness journey.