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A gym membership is not just for Xmas!

NOVEMBER OFFER – £60 for a 2-month unlimited personal training trial – call us to book on 01245 690646

A gym membership is not just for Xmas – although, for just £20, you can buy a friend or loved one a whole month’s unlimited personal training at Bee-Fit…just saying!!!

Seriously, though, the gym business has an all-too predictable sales cycle of quiet before Xmas (what’s the point in getting fit when I’m about to consume a month’s calorie allowance in a matter of days?) to a significant peak in sales at New Year (Help! I consumed a month’s calorie allowance over Xmas! And THIS IS THE YEAR I GET FIT – NO, REALLY, THIS IS THE ONE….), sadly followed by another dip in March when life gets back in the way and people forget how good it feels and how important it is to be active, fit and healthy.

This is why Bee-Fit’s personal training concept and gym membership works so well.  With someone to direct every work out, to motivate you and to work around any injuries or health issues in a room with no mirrors, in a friendly, supportive atmosphere, the chances of you falling off the fitness wagon are hugely minimised.

We may not like to admit it, but human beings like direction and routine and we do better in the gym when we’re being told what to do and challenged.  And, when we do better in the gym, we get results, we feel good, we look good and a healthy fitness habit forms.

It takes 66 days to form a new habit – and what better habit to go for than a fitter, healthier, stronger, happier you?

A gym membership is not just for Xmas – but it would be a great start!