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According to research company, 1/5 of the British population made New Year Resolutions for 2021. Increasing their exercise came out top followed by losing weight and, third, improving diet.  We are yet to find out how that panned out.  The stats for 2020 resolutions revealed that, out of everyone who made a New Year resolution, only 26% kept to them.  This blog aims to help everyone stick to their resolutions.  Bee-Fit has an impressive track record in helping people of all ages and abilities to form healthy fitness habits and to stick to them long-term.  Here’s our recipe for 2022 success.

10 top tips for achieving your 2022 fitness goals.



1.     Set an achievable goal

If you start with something that is too hard or unlikely, you’re more likely to give up as soon as it gets too difficult. Make it a goal that is realistic for you personally, in terms of diet and exercise. 


2.     Choose an activity you enjoy

This is not rocket science – if you enjoy the activity, you’re more likely to stick with it.


3.     If you’re joining a gym – find one with training support

People who train with personal training support will work harder and smarter and are statistically more likely to stick with it. They will get results quicker too and results increase motivation.


4.     Train with a friend

Combining your fitness activity with social interaction makes it more fun. When you’re having fun, you’ll train hard without even realising it!  Alternatively, join a friendly gym and you’ll make friends there – two birds with one stone!


5.     Publicly manifest your goals to friends and family

People who share their goals/objectives are far more likely to achieve them. Put it on your social media/post it on your fridge, tell your friends…make yourself accountable; ask your trainer to help you set goals and check progress regularly.


6.     Set a date

Set a date for when you realistically want to achieve your fitness goals.  This will help with motivation. If you have a specific event or occasion, even better.


7.     Reward yourself

Reward yourself along the way – with rewards that won’t sabotage your goals!


8.     Form a fitness habit

It takes a month on average to form a new habit. Diarise your workouts – make them a priority in your week. Before you know it, they will become part of your normal routine.


9.     Be organised

Make sure your fridge and cupboards are stocked for your diet and meals planned ahead; book your next workout before you leave the gym or whatever activity.


10.  Be kind to yourself

Don’t beat yourself up if you stumble along the way. Long-term fitness is literally a marathon not a sprint! Aim to be following your healthy routine in terms of diet and exercise 80% of the time.



Wishing everyone a year full of health, fitness and happiness