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Bee-Fit member, Phil, describes his experience and what the gym means to him

I joined Bee-Fit in July 2018. Following a relationship break up which was very tough, I wanted to lose weight and get fitter.

Ask me or Alex to tell you the story of how I fainted in my first ever session!!

Despite that I still kept coming back, and in August 2018 I joined as a member.

I had used other gyms over a period of time including YMCAs and Virgin, but I hugely enjoy the model of personal training, using different equipment and learning techniques, meeting other people and mixing up my fitness priorities for each session.

Bee-Fit is so much more than just a Gym.

Once I became a member and was working out approximately 4 times a week, I quickly realised that the Gym was good for my physical and social well-being, but also and very importantly the Gym was good for my emotional and mental well-being.

As mentioned I had been through a difficult break-up, plus was working in London as CEO for a large national charity, plus I had both my children living with me who were also going through some tough adolescent and relationship difficulties too.

Although I am an organised and easy going person, I can struggle with my own mental well-being.

I have not been diagnosed with depression, however I do get ‘low’ in terms of low mood, low self-esteem, low levels of sleep, low levels of concentration and low stability and security.

I have found that being part of Bee-Fit and working out regularly helps enormously with my emotional and mental well-being.

Exercise changes our chemical mix by releasing endorphins, these endorphins interact with our brain to reduce our perception of pain, endorphins also trigger a positive feeling in the body. It is also recognised that regular positive social interaction changes our chemical mix for the better as well.

For all of us, our emotional and mental well-being is very important and the Covid pandemic, lockdowns and anxieties have highlighted this more than ever. I also firmly believe that us men need to understand and recognise our own emotional and mental health challenges and awareness and feel able to talk about them and support one another. Bee-Fit has been a vital part of my journey to improve my physical, social, emotional and mental well-being.

Nowadays I still work out at least four times a week. At 53 years young I feel fitter than I have been in a very long time. My diet for main meals is good in terms of fresh vegetables, low fat and high protein meals, however my downfall remains snacks, crisps, biscuits etc.

I still have periods of ‘low’ well-being but I am recognising those better and knowing how to address and improve them.

Bee-Fit is far more than just a Gym, it is a community of people. The word ‘community’ is made up of two words – Common Unity – people at Bee-Fit share a common unity of working out, fitness, inclusivity, welcome, support, banter, commitment and more. I believe Bee-Fit is unique as a place for sharing those values and principles together.

Phil M, Bee-Fit member since 2018