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Bee-Fit’s Gym 30/30 challenge winner!

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For the first time ever, Bee-Fit launched a 30/30 challenge: that is 30 consecutive days of training. The amazing, awesome, courageous, highly-motivated Bee-Fit member Sue Crace took up the challenge and none of us doubted for a minute she’d complete it. Here’s her story:

Bee-Fit: What made you decide to take up the Bee-Fit 30/30 challenge?

Sue:  I’ve always loved a challenge and lead a lot of training through my work on the theory of growth mind-set so when I saw this one I thought “why not?” As all my friends will tell you, once I say I’m going to do something I give it 100% and this was no exception.

Bee-Fit: How regularly do you normally train?

Sue: Ordinarily I try to train 3 times a week at Bee-fit but I also run so it’s not always easy to fit in both.

Bee-Fit: How long have you been a member of Bee-Fit?

Sue:  I have been a member of Bee-fit for as long as I can remember, when it was based at Pontlands Park (+/-10 years)

Bee-Fit: How did you find the challenge? Time? Physical demands?

Sue: The challenge was demanding physically, especially on days when I would run too, but it was the challenge of time that was most demanding. On work days with late evening meetings I was having to get up and train at 7am before work. Previously I would never have believed this would be possible.

Bee-Fit: Have you noticed any immediate changes to your fitness as a result?

Sue: After a couple of weeks I noticed some quite dramatic changes both to my fitness and my general wellbeing. I felt more energetic and motivated in my training but also in life in general. The more I trained the better I felt.

Bee-Fit: Did you enjoy it?

Sue: Despite the challenges of fitting it all in, I really enjoyed the month and got to know lots more members at the gym as I was training at different times of the day.

Bee-Fit: would you do it again?

Sue: I’ m not sure I would do the same challenge again as I have done that now and know I can do it. I like to take on things that are new so would definitely be up for a new challenge at Bee-fit.

Bee-Fit: Any tips for anyone out there planning to kick-start a fitness regime?

Sue: My advice for anyone planning to kick-start a fitness regime is really just to believe in yourself and take that first step. It doesn’t matter how unfit you feel or how little you do on that first session, it’s a step in the right direction. When I started running someone told me “the only run you fail is the one you don’t do!” This was my mantra in my running and with the help of the trainers at Bee- fit I went from being able to run for just 4 minutes on the treadmill to running the London Marathon last year. The same is true for training sessions, the only session you fail is the one you don’t do!

Bee-Fit: What are your current fitness goals?

Sue: My current fitness goals are to complete the London Landmarks half Marathon in March and the Great North Run in September. The training for both of these is greatly enhanced by the strength and core work I do at Bee-fit.

Bee-Fit: What should Bee-Fit’s next challenge be?

Sue: It would be great to see regular challenges at Bee-fit, maybe at different levels for different levels of fitness. There are so many people at the club that have achieved so much and it would be great to have a motivational board up showcasing members’ achievements since joining. This would be inspiring for members and also a great advert for potential members.

Thank you to Matt, Alex and Tazz for believing in me and encouraging me every session.

Bee-Fit: look out for more member challenges!
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