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Join a gym you love, and your fitness programme will become a way of life!

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Gareth, who turned 50 on Star Wars Day (May the Fourth be with him and all that!) lives in Chelmsford and runs his own oven cleaning business.  He joined Bee-Fit for short-term goals but he’s with us for the foreseeable. Join a gym you love, and your fitness programme will become a way of life.

Gareth joined Bee-Fit in January with a weight-loss target of 2 ½ stone because he had just been diagnosed with high blood pressure and needed to lose weight and generally get fitter.  He hit that target in just four months.  Now, he’s hooked on the Bee-Fit personal training concept. He tells us his story:

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BF: What were your first impressions of Bee-Fit?

Gareth: I found it so welcoming. There are no mirrors and the other gym members don’t have headphones in. The gym is compact but has all the equipment necessary for your session.

BF: What were your goals on joining and where are you in terms of progress right now?

Gareth: I have already hit my 2 ½ stone weightless target and am feeling much fitter. Also, importantly, my blood pressure is back to normal.

BF: How regularly do you attend and what motivates you to get to the gym?

Gareth: I attend between 4-6 times a week,  I am motivated by my desire to get even fitter. Booking your session online also encourages you to attend.

BF:How would you describe Bee-Fit if asked by a friend?

Bee-Fit is a small, friendly gym run by enthusiastic personal trainers who will help you achieve your goals.  It’s a place where you mix with other gym members and make new friends – it’s like a little social club.

BF: What fitness programmes have you followed in the past?

I haven’t really followed a fitness programme as such before. I have just attended other gyms and did my own thing on the treadmills, rowing machines, cross trainers etc. To be honest I didn’t even know what the likes of the TRX was before coming to Bee-Fit.

BF: Have you changed your eating habits since joining Bee-Fit and if so, how?

Gareth: Yes, I eat much healthier now. I have cut out the crisps, chocolate and biscuits. I eat more vegetables and lean meats and use protein shakes / snacks to assist with recovery from workouts.

BF: Do you use Bee-Fit’s body composition machine and, if so, have you found it a useful tool?

Gareth: Yes I have. I try to use it monthly and find it very useful for tracking my progress. It’s certainly a good motivational tool to encourage you keep up the hard work.

BF: Have you changed your view of gyms since joining Bee-Fit?

Gareth: Definitely! I look forward to coming to Bee-Fit. Coming to a gym that’s welcoming, where other gym members interact and all the personal trainers ensure you make the most of your hour sessions, is vastly different to other gyms I have tried previously.

BF: Did you join Bee-Fit for short-term goals or is this a long-term fitness commitment?

Gareth: This is certainly a long-term fitness commitment. My weight and fitness have yo-yoed over the years mainly due to getting bored of various gyms – but now that I have found a gym I love, I intend to stick at it.

Thanks to Gareth for sharing his story and his impressive before and after photos.

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