Terms and conditions of membership

  1. Acceptance as a member
    We have absolute discretion over whether to accept an application for membership to the club.  If your application is accepted, membership to the club will start as stated on your membership form.
  2. Membership
    a)  If you have applied to be a member before the club has opened, you will become a member the day the club open.
    b)  The member is entitled to group personal training sessions (subject to booking) from the first day of membership until membership expiry (renewal) or until payments stop.
    c)  As a member, and by paying your membership fee, you agree to comply with the rules of membership and these terms and conditions.  We may make reasonable changes to these rules at any time provided we give you advance notice of the changes.
  3. Membership fees
    a)  On becoming a member of the club, you must pay the membership fee for the period of time it states on the membership form irrespective of actual usage of the Club facilities.  The fee is set out clearly and except, as otherwise set out in the agreement, is not refundable. All pay-in-full memberships are non-refundable.
  4. Termination of membership
    a)  Your membership will continue for an initial contracted period, which is stated on your membership forms, unless properly terminated by you or us within that period in accordance with section (b) to (d) below.  If you wish to cancel your membership at the end of the initial contracted period, you must give 30 days’ notice in writing to the relevant collection company as stated on the membership form. Until this time, membership will continue on a monthly basis unless renewed for an extended contract period or cancelled by you in writing.
    b)  We may terminate the agreement:
         i) If you commit a serious or repeated breach of this agreement, or the club rules of membership;
         ii) If you provide us with details which are known to be false when applying for membership and the false details would have affected our decision in granting you membership;
         iii) If you threaten or blackmail any staff or members of the club in any way.
    c) You may terminate the agreement by giving:
         i) 30 days’ notice in writing if you are moving outside a 10-mile radius of the club (evidence of moving may be required). An admin charge of £7 times the amount of months left on your contract will be applicable and taken from your final direct debit.
    d) You may also terminate this agreement if:
         i)We move the location of the club more than 4 miles from its current location or
         iii)The club closes for more than four weeks for refurbishments

  5. Freezing membership through injury or illness
    If you are unable to use the club for a period of more than 1 month through injury or illness, then we can freeze your membership as soon as we have evidence of your injury or illness in the form of a doctor’s certificate. A new doctor’s certificate will be required every 3 months.  Payments will continue on a monthly basis as set out in the agreement and any months missed will be added to the end of your membership up to a maximum of 6 months. If after 6 months the injury or illness is still ongoing, and you will not be able to do any form of exercise for the next 12 months, then membership can be terminated with an admin charge of £7 times the amount of months left in your contract.
  6. Use of Equipment
    The member must use the equipment and facilities safely and properly and take care to safeguard their own health and safety and that of the other members.
    The club will not be responsible for any loss or injury to the member to the extent that it is caused by their own unsafe or improper use of the equipment or facilities.
    The member acknowledges that they will be responsible for any harm or injury that they cause to another member or to the club to the extent that it is caused by their own unsafe or improper use of the equipment or facilities.
  7. Opening hours and Facilities
    Details of the club’s current opening hours and facilities are displayed on the website.  We may sometimes need to change opening hours. If we need to do this we will, where reasonably possible, display notices informing you of the change.

  8. Bookings
    Members are entitled to unlimited PT sessions (subject to booking) in off-peak or peak hours, according to the terms of their membership.
  9. General
    The club may from time to time change or add to these terms and conditions for security, legal or regulatory reasons.  We will give you at least 21 days’ notice of any changes.

Club information

Bee-Fit Fitness System

  • as a premier member, you are entitled to unlimited group PT sessions, subject to booking
  • All sessions need to be pre-booked. Ideally book them at the end of your session
  • All sessions last one hour. If you want to book longer, you will need to book for the next session, but one session should be ample!
  • All sessions will start on the hour or half hour If you arrive early for your session, you may start your warm up if there is space to do so, if not, you may be required to wait for your booking time.
  • If you arrive late, you can wait until the next session if there is space or you may have to have a shorter session, subject to how busy the gym is at that time.
  • There is a maximum of 12 spaces to book on the hour and on the half hour, hence the need for advance booking.
  • You cannot book more than 4 sessions in advance
  • if you are going to be late, please let us know, so we can book you in the later session
  • You must be aware that physical activity can be hazardous and there is a risk involved.  You must acknowledge that you participate at your own risk and take full responsibility for your actions.


There is free parking for all members, either in front of the gym or at the entrance of the business centre. Please do not park in front of other commercial premises during office hours.


Water is available. Please bring your own water bottles. Bee-Fit bottles are available to purchase.


Members must wear suitable clothing: no street shoes, boots or sandals are allowed in workout areas.


Any breakages must be reported immediately.

We also ask members to use a towel to wipe down machines after use.


The club cannot accept responsibility for the loss of personal belongings

Complaints or suggestions

If you have a complaint or suggestion, please let us know so we can address it straight away. Please email: info@bee-fit.club