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NYRs start early at Bee-Fit

In a survey carried out in the UK for BUPA by COMres in January 2017, 6/10 of the New Year’s Resolutions cited involved, unsurprisingly, health and well-being.

  1. Exercise more (38 per cent)
  2. Lose weight (33 per cent)
  3. Eat more healthily (32 per cent)
  4. Take a more active approach to health (15 per cent)
  5. Learn new skill or hobby (15 per cent)
  6. Spend more time on personal wellbeing (12 per cent)

This poll of 2,000 British people found that of those who said they would be setting a New Year’s resolution for 2017, half were not confident they would stick to it.

With doing more exercise top of the list and Januarys always seeing a spike in new gym memberships, we’re confident we have the answer to a successful fitness NYR.

  1. Set small, achievable goals: when you first join a gym after years of inactivity, do you set 100 press ups and hill-runs at maximum incline on the treadmill as your first goal? No, of course not. And if you do set unrealistic goals, you set yourself up to fail immediately (and you stop going to the gym).
  1. Regular review and assessment of your progress: if you join the gym overweight and unfit setting out to achieve the “dream body” and then, four weeks into your training, you still don’t have the slim body you crave, guess what – you feel rubbish and your motivation wanes. (and you stop going to the gym). Regular weight checks and, more importantly, measurement and fitness checks, will help you plot your progress; you will then be able to see a clear path towards the ultimate goal and be able to set realistic targets in terms of weight, inches, fitness and the target date (and you will become addicted to the gym!).
  1. The diet: you start off so well at the beginning of January. Then there’s a family get-together, and then a friend’s big birthday bash and you beat yourself up about drinking all that alcohol and having one, or maybe two – ok three – sneaky profiteroles…. So, what do you do?
  1. Ditch NYR, don’t bother going to the gym (because, what’s the point, you’ve messed up and eaten all those calories that you’ll never be able to burn off now; you may as well eat your way through a packet of chocolate biscuits, right? OR
  2. Allow yourself to be human: [please choose 2!] We recommend the 80/20 rule: Be good as gold and stick to all your dieting rules 80% of the time and allow 20% for the nights out or days when you’re less organised or motivated to follow the rules. See a weight-loss regime as a marathon, not a sprint, then it’s more likely to become a long-term, permanent change in eating habits rather than an unhealthy and ultimately weight-increasing pattern of miserable yo-yo dieting. Sign up to a weight-loss programme: this will give you nutritional advice, support but also make you accountable and boost your results.
  1. Ever joined a gym and, bit by bit, found yourself spending more time in the café and less time on the treadmill? Ever joined a gym and found yourself watching Jeremy Kyle on the TV whilst doing half-hearted cardio? Ever joined a gym and, after a few weeks, got bored of going on the same equipment doing the same exercises? Boredom and isolation are the two biggest enemies of motivation in a gym.  You need to change it up a bit: do classes, workout with a friend or get a personal trainer with the energy, experience and knowledge to work with you to achieve your personal goals.

At Bee-Fit, where every session is a personal training session, our workouts are different every time, designed around your goals and abilities: they’re fun, challenging, individual and they work. We carry out regular fitness and progress appraisals, adapting the training and goals accordingly and we have a resident nutritional expert for weight-loss and nutritional support.

Everyone needs a bit of help with a New Year’s Resolution. 

Let’s make 2018 the year that bucks the trend.

Happy New Year

Happy New Year from Bee-Fit, Chelmsford