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Our Bee-Fit poster girl

Tracy is super fit and brimming with energy and well-being. At 50 years old, Tracy is a poster girl for Bee-Fit: she is strong, slim and toned. But she wasn’t always this way: three years ago, she was overweight and struggling to recover from a serious wrist injury which was broken in three places and held together with a metal plate.


The wrist injury kept Tracy away from the Boot camp training that she had always done. When her husband Jim joined Bee-Fit, he mentioned Tracy’s plight to one of the trainers who suggested she come in for a trial week. She has never looked back.

“Bee-Fit worked around my injury. I brought my physio exercises into the gym and we worked on and around my wrist. When I had my follow-up appointment with the hospital consultant, he was shocked at the extent of my recovery and at how much mobility I had. The combination of physio and Bee-Fit’s tailored training were entirely responsible for my progress.”

A member of Slimming World before she joined Bee-Fit, Tracy continued her weight-loss journey at the gym, losing an impressive three stone and 27 inches.


The Bee-Fit concept worked for Tracy both physically and professionally: the personal-trainer-led, tailored training inspired her to take a personal training course herself and she is well on the way to completing her level 3 Personal Training qualifications.

“I always said that I wish I’d trained as a PE teacher. I decided it was too late for that but that I’d love to be a personal trainer and be part of someone’s fitness journey. I’ve seen people struggle with the idea of exercise who just don’t know where to start. Being part of their transformation, both physically and in terms of the positive impact of increased fitness on self-esteem and confidence, is what I’m all about.”

Asked what advice Tracy would give to anyone looking to get fit, she replied: “Many people don’t realise how good exercise can make you feel. My advice is for people to have the courage to pick up the phone and take that first step. Find a supportive trainer or gym like Bee-Fit where no-one will judge you and everyone will support you. Before you know it, you’ll know for yourself just how good exercise can make you feel!”