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How will you burn off the Christmas Calories?

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If you follow us on Instagram, you’ll already know that you’re likely to consume an average 4,000 calories on Christmas Day! Scary fact that assumes a rather conservative:

4 turkey slices (316)

3 roast potatoes (609)

3 pigs in blankets (240)

3 stuffing balls (189)

gravy (62)

bread sauce (70)

sprouts and carrots (93)

yorkshire pudding (117)


mince pie (230)

Christmas pudding (290)

custard (232)

peanuts 50g (284)

3 Roses chocs(160)

4 crackers and cheese (179)


2 glasses champagne (174)

2 glasses wine (240)

1 bottle beer (113)

1 glass mulled wine (106)

Total: 4,073

It would take someone weighing 73kg running at the average London Marathon pace  a distance of 34 miles to burn these calories.  This is about the distance from our Chelmsford gym as far as Big Ben in London.

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So you could get your trainers on or, perhaps more manageable, sign up for Bee-Fit Club: the average calorie burn from one of our hour-long sessions for our chaps  is 800-1000 and for our ladies, about 350-400.  So that’s just five Bee-Fit Club sessions to burn off Christmas for the lads and, unfair I know, but an achievable 10 sessions for the ladies.

Or you could relax over the 12 days of Christmas and make some serious New Year Resolutions (blog to follow!) to commit to your health, fitness and wellbeing. Bee-Fit’s mission for 2018 is to spread the word that exercise and fitness really is for everyone. Our wonderful members of all ages, abilities and goals are testament to that fact and set a great example – they even appear to enjoy themselves while they’re here!

Happy Christmas and Bon Appetit!