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Don’t Judge a Workout by Sweat Alone

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Don’t judge a workout by sweat alone!

If you judge a good workout by how much you sweat and whether or not you crawl out of the gym on your hands and knees, you’re missing a trick!

A purely cardio workout may burn more calories than a weight-training workout, but your metabolism is more likely to stay elevated for longer after a weights session than a cardio one.

The ideal exercise program for improving body composition and health is a workout regime that includes both cardio and weights – simples!

Bee-Fit’s programme of workouts ensures that:

  • you get a full body workout throughout the week
  • you get a chance to rest one muscle group while you work another
  • you achieve maximum calorie burn throughout the week
  • you minimise the risk of injury
  • you improve posture
  • you build lean muscle
  • you increase your metabolism
  • you increase your bone density
  • you get variety, both in training and trainers

We know that muscle mass diminishes with age and, if you don’t do anything to replace lean muscle, then the percentage of body fat increases. Strength training helps preserve and enhance muscle mass regardless of age.

Too much of a good thing….

Too much cardio: Doing the same amount of cardio every day can inhibit your recovery, causing you to lose muscle over time – and muscle loss means a slower metabolism and overall loss of form.

Too much weight trainingcan also back-fire: When you weight train, you create micro tears in your muscles. It is the repairing process that allows the muscles to grow and get stronger. If you target the same muscle groups every day, you deny your body the chance to rebuild.

Bee-Fit’s famous functional workout is an excellent full body workout. Using all the tools and all the tricks: dumbbells, battle ropes, sandbags, slam balls, kettlebells, boxes, mats…it’s about moving, bending, lifting to build strength, power and mobility. It’s intense, it’s hard and it’s fun – but, again, you wouldn’t want to be doing this every day.


Bee-Fit’s trainers all have their own styles and working with each of them means you are getting the best all-round exercise possible:


Matt: methodical and carefully-planned workouts to work on specific muscle groups and keep pushing members to their limits. His emphasis is strength training and applying his anatomical and nutritional knowledge to help members optimise their results on the floor;


Alex: his dance background makes him the Duracell bunny that he is: his emphasis is core and cardio – lots of reps – lots of sweat; he has a focus on High Intensity Interval and aerobic training;


Tazz: strength and conditioning training along with explosive training; lots of variety; new exercises and exercise combos keep it interesting and challenging all the time – an intense, fast-moving workout

 To maximise your results in the gym, you need a balance of cardio and strength training; a variety in intensity; you need to work through your muscle groups, ensuring they also get a rest and chance to repair.

Crawling out of the gym on your hands and knees shouldn’t be the test of a good workout – keeping injury-free, and tracking your progress on the body composition machine should be!

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